4 Things to Know About BetBuddy Artificial Intelligence

You might be asking why you should have an interest in knowing what BetBuddy artificial intelligence is when you should be enjoying hours of playing on casinos. If you ask this question, you should continue reading to learn why, because the reason is essential.

What Is BetBuddy artificial intelligence?

To understand its importance, you should know what it is first. BetBuddy claims to be an analytics platform that works through acquiring data and predicting analysis. It is an artificial intelligence that identifies and manages patterns of gambling behavior.

The Reason for the Creation of the BetBuddy artificial intelligence

Intelligent innovators from the City University London created the BetBuddy, though acquired by Playtech in 2017. This innovation is an algorithm that aims to predict if a person is starting to become addicted to gambling. They tried the effectiveness of this artificial intelligence on online casino platforms.

It allows the casino operators to see the gamblers who are at risk of developing gambling addiction in real-time.

How BetBuddy Does It

BetBuddy works by utilizing high-end technologies like the use of other artificial intelligence and algorithms like the random forest, neural nets, and Bayes model for probability.

With this intelligence, the BetBuddy can figure out the players' gambling patterns as they play. This Betbuddy capability can identify if the players are already reaching the threshold of having a gambling addiction.

The BetBuddy provides this information to the casino operators, which they can use to plan their marketing and responsible gaming strategy. It alerts the operators about the areas that influence players' critical scores that make them at risk of developing a gambling addiction.

For this reason, aside from developing strategies for their operation, the BetBuddy artificial intelligence lets them know how they will provide support to their customers. One example is by customizing the players' account settings in real-time and suspending customers' accounts if necessary.

Because of the help of this artificial intelligence, casino operators and players can maximize the tools on the gaming platform provided for responsible gambling.

Unwanted Intrusion

Unwanted intrusion is a possibility because of BetBuddy.

People have different reasons why they gamble. Others are using the platform to unwind and to let loose. There are times that some players play excessively to celebrate an event or to bond with their friends, but it instantly does not mean that they are going to develop a gambling addiction.

For this reason, due to the results provided by BetBuddy to the operators, it might cause unnecessary and unwanted intrusion to the players’ accounts.

Although many players appreciate the tools provided by the casino operators for responsible gambling, unwanted intrusion on their accounts is different. It can backfire and ruin the fun of gaming, even if it is not necessary.

It all boils down to the conclusion that the Betbuddy artificial intelligence is a machine. It only uses AI computation in making decisions. Although it can help predict the gambling issues, it is not 100 percent accurate for judging if a player is indeed becoming an addict.

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