Dragon tiger

The main ingredient of all types of casino games is the ‘deal’ or arrangement of cards, which is what forms the basis of Dragon Tiger. In this one of the most popular casino games you will need to take the role of a Dragon, whilst attempting to defeat your opponents. You do this by playing a series of ‘moves’, whereby winning moves are determined by the cards that you have in your hands. If you are unfortunate enough to draw the ace as your card, you will be unable to continue, and must lose.


Dragon Tiger is primarily a two-table game, where one person sits opposite two other players, who all hold a hand of ten cards, the dealer then deals seven cards to each table, before asking the dealers to deal another seven cards to the players at the tables facing them. At this point in the game, the players are able to make a wish, by putting their ‘wish’ on a card that is hidden from the other players, and the dealer then reveals this card before taking the deal. Each wish is worth a certain amount of points, depending on the suit of the cards that are being played for. At the end of the deal, the Dragon that stays in control, wins.


As well as a fun, intriguing card game, Dragon tiger also forms another of the casino games that many people play, and it’s a popular gaming concept that makes its way into many different formats. In addition to online betting, there are a number of live betting websites available where you can place your bets with a real dealer face-to-face, and many of these offer bonuses when you make a bet. The great thing about this, as with any form of live betting is that you are able to review the various strategies, and betting tips before the game begins, that you may use during the actual game. This means that you have the opportunity to make some changes, should they prove successful, prior to the start of the game.